Discovery as day-job

The only way to win is to learn faster than anyone else – Eric Ries

Action: I need your help to learn – looking for connections in the e-Commerce

As you’ve probably read in my previous post I’ve decided to make the step into entrepreneurship. So far it has been exciting journey focused on personal development and problem discovery.

Since my start four week ago many people have asked me: “Jaap, what is exactly that you are going to do?”. It’s a good question that cannot be answered at this moment. For now my response is: “I’m doing discovery as a day-job”.

As taught by the lean start-up evangelists (@Ash Maurya – Running Lean, @Eric Ries – The lean start-up, and @Steve Blank – The four steps to Epiphany) your first job as young and stupid entrepreneur is to talk to people… a lot… Without bias and without judgement, your first task is to truly understand your customer and his/her problem.

This requires connections.. a lot of them. And as far as effective networking goes, it relies on warm leads. Trying a cold lead is like talking about politics on a baby shower, hardly any response and often considered as annoying.

Therefore I am asking you. Do you know anyone in your network engaged in one of the following topics; e-Commerce, Conversion, Personalization, Content specialist or Customer Journeys in a B2C market, who would be interested to have a chat with us?

Please like, forward, share or tag this message if you want to help out and feel free to e-mail me at




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